Through the years many people participated in the New York Blaze Program. Below you will be able to find some of the selected testimonials from a long list of positive feedback about our work!

The Blaze Program is good for the kids because it gets the kids exposure with playing with other kids all over the city and in different tournaments so they are prepped early for that next level of play, I think and strongly believe that you will start to see quality of players come out of this program that will be ready to compete in D1 level programs.

Corey Harris – NY Blaze Liaison

The Blaze program has helped me so much growing up. Not only did it improve my game but it also taught me life lessons and made me mature more as person. Tough drills and games made me stronger and with a great staff supporting you, intelligence of the game and life was something I picked up. Now that I’m in college and playing ball I’m not around as much but when I am home, I’m always trying to teach the Young Blaze new things because it’s only right. I’m glad to see this program grow.

Christian Nunez – NY Blaze Alumni

To those who may not know, the New York Blaze is more than just another AAU basketball program. This program teaches youth how to prepare themselves to be successful student athletes. The New York Blaze is based out of White Plains, New York. The founder of the New York Blaze, Torey Thomas a White Plains native knows what it takes to be a successful student athlete. In addition to some of the best coaching available, the Blaze provide the needed academic support to their student athletes. The Blaze has helped produce successful student athletes and helped these student athletes find college homes. These athletes often take time out to come and give back to the program. Members of the New York Blaze will often go on to lead a successful life on and off the court.

Brian Robinson – NY Blaze Liaison

The New York Blaze is a great and much needed program for kids to participate in. This is positive program that not only teaches children the game of basketball but life lessons for example, respect. I feel an organization should have a great leader that the participants can look up to and come from a similar background to relate to. The NYB has that such leader in Torey Thomas who is as real as they come. This is the reason this program continues to thrive and this is a great reason many children should join the Blaze. These days it isn’t hard for a child fall into the negative trap of crime. The NYB stares kids away from the negativity and uses their energy in a more positive manner.

Eric Barbour – Jr Coach with NY Blaze