NY Blaze and The White Plains Community Action Program


NY Blaze, under the direction of international basketball star and native of White Plains and 70 Ferris Avenue, Torey Thomas, is an organization that has for the past 5 years organized a summer basketball tournament at Gardella Park on Ferris Avenue, White Plains NY. The event attracts youth from across Westchester County and is not just kids playing basketball, but teaching them life skills and reinforcing academics and the importance of education and furthering it… Last year, NY Blaze partnered with The White Plains Community Action Program (WPCAP) for this event and the life skills piece of the program and project.

WPCAP was established in 1965 to address the issues surrounding poverty and the lack of service delivered to the poor. This was during the time of great social unrest in America and can be trumpeted as one of the original local Community Action Programs in Westchester. Currently, under the direction of Reginald D. Bush, who enjoyed a 20 year career at IBM, the last 8 as operations manager of the $14M Industry Solutions Lab in Hawthorne, NY, WPCAP is located in the Madison House at 70 Ferris Avenue; one of the more historic neighborhoods of White Plains lined with trees and mixed with businesses and residential dwellings.

For information, please head to www.westcop.org and/or www.newyorkblaze.com

Reginald D. Bush
Area Director

About Author: New York Blaze

By providing “life skills”, we aim to position the youth so that they are prepared to become productive members of the community. It ranges form teaching someone how to brush their teeth correctly to how to invest his/her money; from how to act towards others to teaching the dangers of drugs; from how to practice safe sex to job interview skills; and the list goes on-and-on. Our job is to steer youth towards the most positive direction.

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