About us

About the New York Blaze

The Blaze provides youth with “life skills,” which we deliver as varied forms of mentorship, including but not limited to:

  • Helping them with any homework or extra projects they may have;
  • Setting them up with positive peers to build strong bonds;
  • Coaching them on and off the court in dealing with situations that may arise;
  • Teaching them how to succeed in life without getting caught up in the “system”;
  • Lending a hand as family would do if you need them for anything; and
  • Conducting food drives during the holidays to help the underprivileged families.

The idea is to send most kids to college or prepare them to join the work force with a skill or trade.

By providing “life skills”, we aim to position the youth so that they are prepared to become productive members of the community. It ranges form teaching someone how to brush their teeth correctly to how to invest his/her money; from how to act towards others to teaching the dangers of drugs; from how to practice safe sex to job interview skills; and the list goes on-and-on. Our job is to steer youth towards the most positive direction.

Our program deals with teaching the fundamentals to beginners; through basic skills and the importance of paying attention to detail, corrections are part of change and growth. Most programs charge a fee to attend or to participate in activities. The best thing about our club is that it’s free to the public. Kids can learn for cheap without the politics of slow progress.

Most clubs have the same chance at success but only a few make it big, while others reach their goals and achievements. The real competition comes from working and keeping the youth focused on his/her responsibilities. The clubs that we compete against are boys/girls club, youth center, Slater Center, recreation dept, schools, and other AAU clubs.

Management Plan

The Blaze has focused on working with the youth to identify the wants of today’s child without bias towards change. Our company works close with the youth on marketing from tee-shirts, book bags, uniforms, tournaments, practice equipment and educational needs. Activities outside of sports help to build structure towards others without feeling like you have to play basketball. That’s why we travel as a program, not as a team all participants are welcome to attend. We all are learning from each other that’s what makes the job so challenging and exciting.

The expectations that we have set are very high on the children. We hope that all of our kids go to college but preferably on scholarships. Good grades are part of the program requirements; to participate in the program you must maintain an average of- 75 or C -but we encourage higher production for better results. If grades are below the requirement we have assistance to help you raise your grade level; not for sports but for self satisfaction and to build character in the long term. Responsibility stretches outside of the program, if you get in trouble in school or home or with the law suspension is pending until the proper channels are clear; we will not punish someone who is innocent.

The Coaches’ jobs are to motivate the child to believe that he/she can achieve anything if they put their mind to it, to get the youth physically fit and play in tournament games against other players. Mentoring participants on the right and the wrong ways to live his/her life, becoming a true friend at all times without judging their behavior. Discipline is an important part, the player or student must have respect at all time for the coach even if he/she is angry. We believe and teach good sportsmanship.

Management handles all of the non youth issues from sponsorship, budgets, parent conferences, Marketing, grants, facilities, coaches and assistants. Knowledge along with determination will be our key to success in the years to come.